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Get paid for your opinions on a wide range of topics.

Earn money by beta testing apps, websites, and products.

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Love to entertain people? Create your own digital content.

Good at assembling flat-pack furniture, good with tools?

My favourite, earn cash by doing what we all love to do.

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Talented behind the camera, then profit from selling your work.

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theSideHustleNerd is the best side hustle database on the web!

theSideHustleNerd is a side hustle database. It aims to have the best collection of only the top side hustle websites around. I will only list safe and legitimate side hustles here that help you make an extra income.

I have made it my life’s goal. I have invested years of hard work in making this the only reliable side hustle database you’ll ever need. Bookmark theSideHustleNerd, if you’re looking for the best side hustle websites and ideas on the web. I’ll never display annoying ads or weird affiliate links. I want to provide you with the most legitimate side hustles possible.

Why was theSideHustleNerd created and for who?

Let me tell you about how I got into side hustles back in the late 2000s. I tried every little side hustle you could imagine. I tried matched betting, online surveys, user testing plus many others. I even tried selling old, smelly shoes on eBay. Believe it or not, there’s a market for just about anything!

I made some decent money along the way, but I also lost a small fortune to those scam websites out there. That’s why I made theSideHustleNerd. To help as many people as possible avoid being ripped off.

The problem is, Google and other search engines do a bad job. They don’t point you to legitimate side hustles that pay. Sure, they’ll show you thousands of websites, but how can you know which ones are safe and legit? That’s where my website comes in. I’ve used or am still using all the top side hustle websites I have listed. So you can be 100% certain they are legitimate.

What kind of websites do you feature, and why?

Only the best! Okay, that’s the short answer. The long answer is that you’ll find all different types of side hustles. From Pet Sitting, Paid to Walk, Watching Ads, Mystery Shopping and even Becoming an Extra. I have broken my side hustle database up into useful categories. Everything you’ll need is available right here on the front page. The hardest part was which websites to add to each category.

First, did it make money? Then I look at how easy it was and the amount of time spent. Once the key part is sorted, I go to how the websites brings the content to you. We don’t want to open a website that’s confusing and hard to navigate. Lastly, we look at things like extras and community features. And, of course, the dreaded ads. Unfortunately, many websites, even the best ones, have a few and some go way overboard. Still, we let you know what to expect and only give you the best.

How can I show my gratitude?

Alright, if you really insist, I suppose my bitcoin wallet is lurking around here somewhere… Just kidding! If you’re interested in contributing, your donation would be greatly appreciated. Alternatively, feel free to tweet my side hustle list or spread the word about theSideHustleNerd with your friends and family. Your support means a lot to me!

Is it possible to contact you?

Yes of course…. Feel free to contact me anytime about anything, I will always reply. You are also more than welcome to recommend any websites you think I have missed but please keep in mind I’m very strict when adding to my side hustle database. My goal is to only list the top side hustle websites around.

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